A Letter from the Editor

Dear Students of Guilderland High School,

Each day, the halls of GHS ring with a constant buzz of activity as the familiar faces of students and teachers bring the school to life. At The Journal, it is our responsibility to document the people, issues, and events that contribute to this sense of community.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our publication, we must work to follow our goal to be a newspaper by and for the students of GHS. But right now, the Journal stands at a crossroads. As we begin the new school year, we must ask ourselves: are we truly fulfilling our obligation to the school?

This year, we have made it our goal to revitalize The Journal and make it an important part of our school community. In doing so, we have implemented some new ideas to make our publication more accessible and relevant to GHS students.

 One of the main components of this effort will be the expansion of our online output. We have launched a new website that you can check all the time for the latest news and articles. We hope that this website will enable us to be a constant resource in between our paper issues.

 Alongside our website, we are increasing our online activity through social media. Follow us on Twitter to stay in touch with us and see our latest updates right on your news feeds. In addition, you can follow us on Instagram for pictures from major school events and previews of our upcoming issues.

 With everything we publish, our objective is to find content that is accessible and important to the student body. This year, we hope to focus on this purpose and ensure that all of our content is in line with this goal. In this issue alone, we cover topics ranging from ISIS to school spirit, fantasy football to Beyonce. We believe that in every issue of the Journal there should be something of interest to everyone, and we are committed to fulfilling this promise to our readers.

 Furthermore, we believe that The Journal should be representative of the student body. We have started a new initiative to regularly feature members that contribute to our school community. This issue, we feature our school’s new foreign exchange students. In the future, we hope to feature students that contribute in unique ways to the school community. If you have a friend who you’d like to see featured in the Journal, fill out a nomination form at our office!

 Moreover, by covering issues that matter to the school community, we hope that the Journal can be a forum for debate and discussion. We will regularly publish polls on our website about controversial issues for our readers to vote on.

Furthermore, we always seek opinion pieces in response to what we publish, and welcome the viewpoints of our readers.

 On behalf of our staff, I invite you to engage with The Journal this year. Through these new initiatives, we hope that the Journal can be an important source of pride for our school.

Leonard Bopp



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