The emergence of Sam Smith


The catchy song “Latch” by Disclosure was played millions of times this year. The billboard hit features emerging singer Sam Smith. A 21 year old from England, with a soulful voice, Smith has risen quickly. In May of 2014, Smith piggybacked on Latch’s success by releasing his own solo album: “In the Lonely Hour.”

“The Lonely Hour” has some singles on it that are very familiar to the public, such as “Money on My Mind” and “Stay with Me.” These songs set the tone for the whole album. The album played over my headphones and it seemed that for every song I was waiting for some sort of variety. When you compare the album’s songs, Smith’s music catalogue seemed very similar. The songs started very slow and never picked up pace from there. Personally, I felt that I forced myself through this album. The lyrics seemed to be okay throughout the album, but the concept of it was odd. It was about people who have never loved someone before. Personally, I listen to more acoustic, slower albums. The slow pace of the album wasn’t a problem for me. However, some songs were better and the piano had injected with influences of electronic music. I really enjoyed the concept and the lyrics, but it’s just not something I could listen to over and over again. I really tried to discover why I couldn’t get into most of the songs. The reason was that I could not relate to the album. The lyrics were very soulful and it was sung beautifully, but it wasn’t what I expected out of a man with such a talented voice.

This album had a moody, emotional quality to it. You really have to be in the right atmosphere or in the right situation to listen to this album. The melancholic lyrics were passionate and could be compelling to many listeners. I did enjoy some songs but the album as a whole wasn’t pieced together well. I also enjoyed many grooves and beats that came out of the album, which were very ambient and chill.

All in all I give this album a 6 out 10. It was above average, but it wasn’t spectacular. Sam Smith is a man that will definitely appear in the future and is someone worth checking out if you’re into artists who will deliver a beautiful voice and some passionate lyrics. Sam Smith is talented but needs to produce a better group of songs that develop into a fuller, better, album. Watch out as Sam Smith grows as an artist, but don’t expect much from his newest album.


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