Taylor Swift’s “1989”


Taylor Swift is know for her beautiful blond hair, nice white smile, and romantic country lyrics. Swift is changing her music from romantic soft country into modern pop. Her newest album, “1989,” was released on October 27. “1989” is one of the hottest albums of the year and sold over a million copies in the first week. Swift’s breaking hearts while she’s breaking the charts. “1989” is directed at a different audience than Taylor’s earlier albums. Changing her audience, Swift has landed herself on top of Billboard’s top album chart for three weeks and counting.

“1989” opens up with “Welcome to New York.” This song is a preview of the new Taylor Swift. “Welcome to New York” is edgy sounding and has a busy urban sound. The album has lots of electronic beats that are very similar in every song. Halfway through the album the debut single and radio hit “Shake it Off” comes on. If you’re looking for a snip-it of the new Taylor Swift then listen to this song. This song sets the pattern for “1989.”

The entire album’s music is not very distinct. It’s not bad, but every song has a similar pop-like dancing beat. “Blank Space,” another Billboard hit from “1989,” carries similar characteristics to the rest of the album. Swift’s catchy writing ability is still present. Swift surely wants to change the world’s opinion of her from teenage country sweetheart to a pop queen.

Swift’s lyrics are known to be concentrated on break-ups and relationships. The lyrics in “1989” seem to be guided on her last break-up with One Direction star Harry Styles. Swift keeps her lyrics about her love scene. Compared to Swift’s earlier albums, “1989” shows her becoming more mature. Swift broke out in her later teen years with hit song “Love Song.” The lyrics of this song were intended for her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas. Now, Taylor is twenty-four and has a bright future ahead of her. I expect her music to change as she does.

I believe this album changed Taylor Swift’s persona and I enjoyed it. People have to realize that artists go through cycles in life and change the direction their music is going. I like how Swift didn’t want to keep producing soft-sounding country music. She opens the world up to how incredibly diverse and talented she is. The teenage sweetheart is changing and so is her music. I rate “1989” a solid four out of five and would suggest you listen to the new Taylor Swift.


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