DIY punk king meets the Ice Prince; Jeff Rosenstock comes to The Icehouse


The Icehouse, famous house show spot in Cohoes, NY, was recently graced with the presence of a true folk hero. In support of his new album, Jeff Rosenstock played a set at the Icehouse on October 27th, with support from local bands Drew, the Grand Spectacular and Russell the Leaf.

Jeff Rosenstock has gained an impressive cult following after fronting several bands, including the “Arrogant Sons of Bitches”, and “Bomb the Music Industry!.” The latter having played their final show earlier this year.

Both bands were well-known for their do-it-yourself punk ethic, embodied by the independent recording and production methods of all of their records. Shortly after the formation of “Bomb the Music Industry!,” Rosenstock formed his own record label, Quote Unquote Records.

While there, all of Jeff Rosenstock’s musical projects and other bands work were distributed on the internet. The label credits themselves as “The First Ever Donation Based Record Label.” All the music being free on their site, but with donations allowed.

It only makes sense that such a large figure in the DIY punk world would come to the home of one of the hardest-working kids in the 518 scene. Kory Gregory, known to some as “The Ice Prince,” used to just live at the Icehouse.

Kory is also an outspoken fan of “Bomb the Music Industry!.” “Having my favorite songwriter of all time perform my favorite song ever written in my living room was probably one of the most overwhelming experiences to ever happen to me”, Kory says. “It was super validating, and inspiring, to see the person I look up to most still act like an insecure weirdo after ten years of worship from the punk community. It was just a real validating night all together.”

Rosenstock played a short set, which featured his solo songs, and “Bomb the Music Industry!” songs from several different albums. With his guitar in hand, he jumped around the Icehouse’s front room with glee during every song. The show did not bring in the biggest crowd the Icehouse has ever seen, but the magnitude of this event’s significance outweighed that of any other show the venue has had.


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