Review: SCCC presents underground theater at Proctor’s


From December 9-11th, Proctor’s held an underground show in their basement entitled, “The Five Short Plays of Samuel Beckett,” with actors such as Guilderland alumni Daniel Ferris, as well as Mercedes Oliver, Diana DiCaprio, Joy Roberts and Emily Casta leading the performance.

Samuel Beckett was a French playwright and novelist of late 20th century, with short plays “Catastrophe,” and “Come and Go,” weaved into the Proctor’s production. “It’s not really about anything in particular,” Ferris says, “They are all individual plays that each tell their own story. ‘Come and Go,’ for instance, portrays three women on a bench speaking in monotone about their lives. You cannot see their faces throughout the whole performance; it’s creepy,” he says.

Ferris starred in one of the other plays. “Beckett was really interesting. He used the play I was in, Catastrophe, as a metaphor for oppression. One of his friends was put in prison for his political activism, and that was his inspiration,” he beams. This show was not a narrative in the traditional sense of the word. It was a different kind of performance written by a different kind of man.

Many underground shows are unique in the theater, and having the privilege to see one of them is truly a delight.


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