Survey: 2015 State of the Union

In his sixth State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 20, President Obama outlined new policies aimed at growing the American economy and leading the world with our foreign policy. Among his new economic proposals are universal affordable child care, paid sick leave for all workers, a raise in the minimum wage, increasing the Capital Gains tax for the wealthiest Americans, and making community college free, which Obama advocated for by citing how sending GI’s to college after World War II expanded the American workforce and increased its productivity. Regarding foreign policy, Obama asked Congress for an authorization for military actions against ISIS and an end to the Cuban embargo, and advocated for prohibiting torture as a means of war.

What do you think of the policies Obama outlined in his State of the Union address? The Journal would like to hear the opinions of Guilderland students. Complete the survey questions below to make your voice heard. All responses are anonymous.


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