Letter from the Editor

A few months ago, some editors from The Journal sat around a small table at Chinese restaurant near Columbia University in New York City, where we were attending a journalism conference, discussing the purpose of the Journal within our school community. Together, we were attempting to discover ways that The Journal  could connect with new audiences, broaden our coverage, and explore diverse student perspectives.

This is what we came up with.

Welcome to Journal Magazine, a place for for exploration and experimentation, a playground for new and diverse perspectives. Here, you’ll find in-depth discussions on significant cultural topics, essays, satires, short stories, poetry, even art – think of it as a “catch-all” for anything that represents any aspect of student life, for we believe there is a place for any form of expression within The Journal organization. The Journal Magazine is, in particular, a place for stories of human interest, a slight departure from the news we report in our papers; after all, the mission of the Journal is to document student life, and to have a place to do so outside the realm of journalistic formatting allows us to further fulfill our obligation to the school community.

Journal Magazine will be released online on the final Friday of each month. In this first edition, you will find a wide array of selections –  two poems, a short story, two personal essays, a satire, and an illustration. Check it out. Read through the pieces. Let us know what you think. It is our hope that the magazine will continue to grow and evolve overtime, challenging us to travel in new directions and explore uncharted creative and philosophical territory.

As always, if you would like to engage in this wonderful process, we welcome you to share your writing, your stories, your perspectives, and your ideas with us. As previously announced, the next magazine will be especially dedicated to perspectives on student life at Guilderland High School as a part of School Spirit Week. We are looking forward to showcasing the diverse talents and unique voices of Guilderland students.

Special thanks to Katie Lamar and the Pens to Paper Club for sharing their short stories with us.

On behalf of the staff of The Journal, I invite you to join us on this new journey of Journal Magazine. I hope you have as much fun reading it as we did putting it together.


Leonard Bopp, Editor-in-Chief


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