Preview: Dave Matthew’s Band comes to SPAC this summer


Every year, kids on social media say something like “FriDave” or “SaturDave.” These posts are referring to the days of summer that the Dave Matthews Band plays in the capital region. Composed of many artists, DMB is known for being unique. Infusing jazz with a grindy rock. A jam band at roots, DMB is known for their instrumental talent. The band is made up of a drummer, saxophonist, trumpet player, guitarist, bassist and violin player. Dave Matthews himself sings and plays acoustic guitar. Residing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the band is immensely influenced by classic jazz, funk and cajun music.

The Dave Matthews band will be touring this summer. The tour starts on May 13 in Austin, Texas. DMB’s first concert in 1993, took place at an eclectic bar in Charlottesville, Virginia. “MIller’s Bar,” the first venue for the beloved band. The band has then toured every year since,traveling to North America, Europe, South America and Africa. Every summer, Guilderland High School students look forward for Dave to come to town. DMB usually stops at SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) for two nights. These nights have typically landed in late May or early June. However, DMB is making some changes this year. They will be playing at SPAC July 3 and 4 and they will not have an opening band this year. They will be playing two sets: first acoustic and the other electric. DMB wants to give the listeners a contrast between the sounds they are able to provide. Never repeating a song, DMB always comes out with lots of excitement. The energy flows through the crowd.

DMB at SPAC is typically sold out. The lawn section, packed in like sardines. This concert is unlike any other at SPAC. Crowds from old to young, DMB is a sight to see.


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