I Am Guilderland: Kyle Levy


There is absolutely nothing like seeing hundreds of kids packed into one small section of bleachers cheering until they simply cannot get a single word out of their mouths. There must be a reason tons of students show up every Friday night, right?

As everyone in our school knows, and pretty much everyone in the Capital District knows, Guilderland is one of the schools that really focuses on school spirit. Our student section, the Red Sea, is known for being one of the best around. School spirit is what gets me through the week and truly gets me excited for the next week of school. I love walking in and seeing everyone in their red shirts, I love the pure passion that some students and players have, and I definitely love the trash talk on Twitter.

There is something about school spirit that makes is different from everything else. Everyone is welcome and nobody cares who you are, where you come from, or what grade you’re in. If you are loud and simply want to support our school’s teams, the Red Sea is the right place for you. Sure, some people may not enjoy going to games and watching them, and that’s okay. The one thing that does anger me is when people get upset because the “Red Sea didn’t go to their game.” Needless to say, there are some members of the Red Sea that “lead,” but that doesn’t mean that if they’re not at a game other people can’t be. The Red Sea can be five kids or it can be 500, it doesn’t matter. The Red Sea is the whole Guilderland High School student body and everyone can represent that.

School spirit obviously isn’t only about sports. It’s much more than people coming together once a week and cheering on a sports team. School spirit is wearing Guilderland apparel just because. School spirit is attending or participating in fundraisers for your class. School spirit is joining clubs and getting involved. It’s all about the little things, you see – the little things that people do in this school are truly what make it a wonderful and exciting place.


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