Section II students invited to sit with Red Sea at sectional basketball final


Leaders of the Red Sea have invited students from all Section II schools to join them at the sectional basketball final tonight. Students from across the section are invited to sit with the Red Sea and cheer for the Guilderland Boys Basketball team as they take on Shenedehowa.

According to Kyle Levy, an active member of the Red Sea, the idea was sparked when the Niskyuana student section asked to join the Red Sea via Twitter. Leaders of the sea then “decided that we should invite all Section II students to join us,” says Levy, who adds that Shenendehowa is a major rival for most Section II schools.

Students in the Red Sea hope that inviting students from other schools will result in a huge group of students to supporting the Guilderland team. “We invited them because we want a huge crowd cheering on our school to take down Shen,” says Levy. “It would be incredible if we had the biggest Sea yet and that’s what we’re hoping for.”

The game is at 7:30 at the Times Union Center tonight, Tuesday, March 10.


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