An end to torture


Just last year, the CIA “torture report” was released by the Senate. The 6,700 page executive summary exposed numerous human rights violations and depicted the horrifying tales of the victims who lived through this brutality. Shockingly, the United States justice department has not given the report any significant thought.

From 2002 to 2008, the U.S has been the cause of the disappearance of more than 100 men. The government used clinical words such as “enhanced interrogations” and “stress positions” in order to hide and justify the obscure truth.

The report includes horrifying accounts of forced rectal feeding to humiliate and extort force over men and shackling men in diapers into positions where they were deprived of sleep. One especially terrible “technique” revealed include stripping men, wrapping their naked bodies in mylar, and dragging them up and down the halls slapping and punching their bodies.

Amnesty International is a human rights movement that has recently started a grassroots movement in hopes of getting the Justice Department to investigate and hold those responsible of abuses accountable. This movement involves getting American civilians to send one page of the report at a time to the U.S Justice Department whether it be through fax, email, mail, or a social media platform.

The things that these people have gone through are absolutely disgusting and inhumane. Personally, I come from a country where corruption rules the political and military world. Numerous accounts of police brutality, torture, rape, and various other human rights violations are common news headlines there daily. I never thought these things would follow me to America, but they have, and as each day goes on things get worse and worse. The power of the people is one the strongest forces in the world. From moment to movement, I strongly believe that solidarity is the only way to achieve justice for those wronged by the CIA.


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