Black Lives Matter


What I’ve learned

is that blacks don’t just have the ability to rap

But we

carry a tune that knocks classical notes out of your bones

and shoot smooth rhythmic jazz into your soul.

We don’t only have the ability to be enslaved by our oppressors

by living lies we’re expected to replicate

we don’t just procreate

but we invent

we have minds that extend far beyond

the term twerk, thot, baby mama, and big booty june…


this is the sound of our defense

our revolution

our wake up call

Our deliverance from the lies televised

the injustices hidden

because no one wants to believe a white man killed him

He wasn’t racist

he was just doing his job and got a little overzealous

Never mind the fear that strikes the eyes of black mothers everywhere

Never mind the eggshells he has to walk on

When he decides to wear a hoodie

Maybe stop by the corner store to pick up some skittles

Never mind that he’s innocent


Never mind.

That is the word used to define

the ignorance that plagues this nation

Delayed hesitation.

unwilling and unable to say that something is happening

a breach

killing the singing preached by black grandparents, great aunts and uncles

saying we shall overcome someday

when is that day?

When will we open our eyes

take off the rose colored vision

and recognize that freedoms bells haven’t been ringing

When will our song rock you to your core



will we decide that black culture is not something to be taken lightly.

When will we say no.

Black lives matter

how many lives have to shatter

for that to become clear to us


Wake Up.


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