By: Sena Busacker 

Living in a small world

with a big dream,                                                          

I don’t have time

to keep track of my life.

I wish the season was summer

no matter what season it is.

I always will be busy

following a big dream.                              

If only I knew my loved ones would

help me…

I may be too young

to have a big dream

but it’s never too late to believe.

I hear a voice of an angel-

She says, “This is your time to make it bright.”

I feel my heart play a drum, it’s warm and punchy.

Knowing that the dream

will taste like summer of love

is reassuring.

I know I will get there,

I have to hang in there,

but sometimes you don’t always get what you want.

even when you try so hard.

I came here to know what it’s like

 to have a big dream

living in a small world

someday, someone will be by your side

help your dream along through

Life is too short to wait


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