Survey results: do you think the Red Sea has sexism within it?

The Journal concludes all polls after one hundred responses have been submitted. We do this in order to obtain a sample of data that is representative of the school population in a period that is fixed rather than arbitrary.

In this survey, we asked students to respond to our controversial article on accusations of sexism in the Red Sea by asking “do you think the Red Sea has sexism within it?” In the final data, 41 percent of people surveyed answered “yes” while 59 percent answered “no,” showing that the opinion on this issue throughout the school is split.

It should be noted that the votes were at an even split of 50 percent “yes” and 50 percent “no” before a rapid influx of votes brought the survey to a close following the Red Sea’s request of their twitter followers to vote “no.”

Thank you for your participation in this survey.



Survey: Sexism in the Red Sea

In response to our controversial article on sexism in the Red Sea, we’d like to know what you think. Is there a culture of sexism within the Red Sea? Make your voice heard! Complete this anonymous survey to be a part of the conversation.

Volunteers Needed for Trick-or-Treat Street


On Saturday, October 25th, the halls of Guilderland High school will be filled with candy, children, carnivals, and laughter that will be heard from miles away, as it is the date of the annual Trick or Treat Street event. This year is the event’s 11th, and it is being run by the classes of 2015 and 2018. Anyone in the Guilderland community is encouraged to volunteer their time and take part in the festivities. From signing up a room to give out candy to helping serve food to customers to participating in the carnival or haunted house, there’s something fun for everyone to do.

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A Letter from the Editor

Dear Students of Guilderland High School,

Each day, the halls of GHS ring with a constant buzz of activity as the familiar faces of students and teachers bring the school to life. At The Journal, it is our responsibility to document the people, issues, and events that contribute to this sense of community.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our publication, we must work to follow our goal to be a newspaper by and for the students of GHS. But right now, the Journal stands at a crossroads. As we begin the new school year, we must ask ourselves: are we truly fulfilling our obligation to the school?

This year, we have made it our goal to revitalize The Journal and make it an important part of our school community. In doing so, we have implemented some new ideas to make our publication more accessible and relevant to GHS students.

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