The emergence of Sam Smith


The catchy song “Latch” by Disclosure was played millions of times this year. The billboard hit features emerging singer Sam Smith. A 21 year old from England, with a soulful voice, Smith has risen quickly. In May of 2014, Smith piggybacked on Latch’s success by releasing his own solo album: “In the Lonely Hour.”

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Pop a molly: drugs and music


From the Grateful Dead and Woodstock, to “Gin and Juice” and “Pop A Molly.” Drugs and music have been closely related for decades. It’s also hard to ignore that some of the most celebrated musicians of all time were avid drug users.  Jazz greats such as Charlie Parker and Miles Davis used cocaine and heroin. Rock legends like The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin used marijuana and LSD. Many notable individuals have passed away due to overdoses. Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston. Recreational drug use has only increased over the past decade. Music festivals and concerts have become hubs for major drug use. Drugs have solidified themselves as part of our musical history.

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