Call for Submissions: Senior Issue


The Senior Issue, distributed at graduation, is a magazine containing personal essays by graduating seniors. Students are encouraged to write about any topic related to their experiences in high school.

Submissions should be approximately 300-600 words. All pieces of reasonable quality will be published.

Interested students should contact Leonard Bopp, Editor-in-Chief, with questions.

Submissions are due Sunday, June 14 at 8:00 PM. Submissions should be sent to


2015-2016 Staff Applications

The Journal is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Please follow the link below to complete the application.

Selected Editorial Board applicants will be scheduled for an interview to supplement the application. Editorial Board applicants must have at least one year of previous publication experience or the recommendation of the adviser.

Applications for the editorial board are due by Sunday, March 22.

Applications for staff positions are due by Sunday, April 26.

Position Descriptions

Editor-in-Chief: holds the overall vision, mission, and goals of the Journal in mind, an evaluates how all aspects of the organization and its publications express this vision. Through delegation and communication, they establish a basis for staff action which preserves the long-term vision of The Journal as an institution and source of information. The editor-in-chief also works with associate editors to ensure the uniform quality of the publication.

Associate Editor: executes actions intended to realize the overall vision, mission, and goals of The Journal as interpreted by the adviser and the editor-in-chief.

Editor of Online Content: executes actions intended to realize the overall vision, mission, and goals of The Journal through online content.

Managing Editor: the point person for communications within the school community.

Business Manager: supports the realization of The Journal’s mission, vision, and goals through working with money. He or she establishes fiscal responsibility through the maintenance of accurate records and holding the long-term financial vision of The Journal.

Section Editors: responsible for planning and overseeing the creation of content for assigned sections of the publication in order to achieve The Journal’s goals for fair, comprehensive, and balanced coverage.

Staff Writers: work with section editors to complete assignments and submit articles conforming to the standards of journalism. Staff writers must complete training in basic journalism structure and ethics.

Copy Editor: reviews and proofreads final drafts of each page of the publication before sending an issue to print. Copy editors also work with staff members on style and usage problems as needed.

Design Editor: Responsible for developing an overall aesthetic vision for the publication. The design editor also trains staff in design techniques and oversees layout, photography, and graphics editors.

Layout Editor: completes layout for pages of the publication using the Adobe InDesign software.

Photography Editor: takes and coordinates the collection of photos for each issue. The photography editor also leads training activities, and works to ensure the consistent quality of photos.

Graphics Editor: creates and coordinates the collection of graphics for each issue. The graphics editor works with artists to ensure the consistent quality of graphics.

All members of the staff are expected to write for each issue of The Journal.

Call for Submissions: We Are Guilderland Journal Magazine Special Edition, February 2015

As a part of the school-wide effort to celebrate the broad diversity and unique personalities within our school community, The Journal is looking to share the stories and voices of our student body.

During the upcoming School Spirit Week, February 23-27, The Journal will publish stories and features on members of the Guilderland High School community online. Our coverage of the week will culminate with an online “We Are Guilderland” edition, scheduled for release at the end of Spirit Week.

Are you…

Ambitious? Brave? Creative? Spirited? Intelligent? Athletic? Poetic? Musical? Dramatic? Bilingual?

A Fighter? A Leader? A Helper? A Poet? A Competitor? A Dancer?

A Writer?

Make your voice heard!

The Journal is looking for personal essays by Guilderland students. We are looking for students to share their stories, their perspectives, their experiences within our school community, their unique voices.

There are no length limits or requirements, and all pieces of reasonable quality will be published.

Send your entries to

Submissions are due by Wednesday, February 25.

Contact Leonard Bopp, Editor-in-Chief, with questions at